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THE PACT WITH THE DEVIL, OR THE GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE? (Christopher Marlowe vs. Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

University of Bacau


CP, Number 9


No. 9 (2004)  Editorial


The theme of Doctor Faustus reveals the conflict between ambition and responsibility. The central question of our paper is: are we dealing with the pact with the devil or is it more? Can it be regarded as a gift of knowledge? We will try to find the answer by drawing a parallel between the works of Marlowe and that of Goethe. Is there any difference in perspective, due to the fact that the authors lived in different historical periods? The very survival of the myth depends on the answer to this question.


gift, knowledge, temptation, conflict between good and evil, human psyche.

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CP200409V00S01A0005 [0004519]

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