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Visual Framing of Intertexts in Political Reversing Mirror Websites

1. “Danubius” University of Galaţi, Romania
2. “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Romania


CP, Number 17


No. 17 (2012)  Editorial


Political reversing mirror websites have become a sign of online democracy since citizens can create their own content having politicians as their ”raw” material. Since 2007 this type of active online participation has prevailed in Romania especially during negative campaigns. The ads which undermine the opponent politicians focus on intertexts where the blocker-objects transfer new meanings upon the politicians. The outcome of this meaning exchange is the shaping of some stereotypes the politicians are associated with. The main aim of our paper is to provide a comparative content analysis of the reversing mirror websites of the three main political candidates in the 2009 Romanian elections (Traian Băsescu - the Liberal Democratic Party, Mircea Geoană - the Social Democratic Party and Crin Antonescu - the Liberal National Party).


intertextuality, stereotypes, blocker-objects.

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CP201217V00S01A0003 [0003770]

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