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Cultural Perspectives - Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania

Peer Review

The articles submitted for CULTURAL PERPSECTIVES will undergo four stages of peer-reviewing:

  1. the first stage. The articles are assessed by the technical editor in order to ensure that the articles comply with the editing standards. In case the articles do not meet these requirements, the authors are kindly asked to revise their manuscripts by August, 1.  
  2. the second stage. The article will be peer-reviewed. The authors identity and his/ her affiliation are unknown to the two reviewers.Each of the reviewers will send to the editors this assessment chart and the recommendations for the article reviewed:


    Reviewing criteria








    1. Theoretical background







    2. The methodology/ approach used by the author and its inclusion into the theoretical background







    3. Accuracy of the methodology adopted







    5. Novelty brought by the empirical background







    6. Originality of the empirical analysis







    7. Clarity and accuracy of the paper







    8. The relevance of the bibliographical references within the theoretical and empirical analyses







  3. the third stage. The authors will be sent the above chart for their article and they will be notified by NOVEMBER, 1 as follows:
    1. The paper in its initial form has been accepted;
    2. The paper will be accepted if the author will take into account the reviewers’ recommendations;
    3. The paper will be accepted providing that all the assessment criteria are met;
    4. The paper has been rejected.
  4. the fourth stage. The authors who were given recommendations should send their final article by NOVEMBER, 15.

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