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Against Ethicizing Art? Badiou and Rancière

Trinity College, USA, University of Vienna, Austria


CP, Number 15


No. 15 (2010)  Editorial


Both Alain Badiou and Jacques Ranciére have subjected to devastating critiques what they consider to be the “ethical turn” in contemporary political and philosophical thought. Moreover, both agree that this ethicization of politics is largely due to a certain apolitical reading of the Nazi genocide. While the consequences of this “ethical turn” on politics and philosophy are quite clear, the question as to the implications of this “ethical turn” for the thinking of art have not yet been examined in more detail. For this reason, this paper attempts to address the ways in which ethics figures in both Badiou’s and Ranciére’s writings on art and aesthetics.


Badiou, Ranciére, Auschwitz, ethical turn, art, mode(s) of identification, the Other.

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CP201015V00S01A0013 [0003335]

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