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Post Modernism, Absurdity, and Identity in Samuel Beckett’s and Harold Pinter's Drama

Ilam Edu. Org., Moddarres Teacher Training Center, Armenia


CP, Number 16


No. 16 (2011)  Editorial


Drama has been one of the modes of representation of man’s existential problems. This paper deals with the existentialist school of thought of Beckett and Pinter with special reference to absurdity as one of the major characteristics of postmodern era and the existential problems it has assigned on 21st century man. Man’s blurred view of his identity originating from his ambiguous view of his self in this era has turned to one of his focal existential obsessions. The paper highlights the ways through which these two great playwrights represent this theme and try to enable man attain a clearer view of his identity and his existence in the postmodern era.


Beckett, Pinter, representation, self and identity.

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CP201116V00S01A0007 [0003790]

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