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Cultural Exchanges through Movie Titles. A Pragmatic Approach

“Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Romania.


CP, Number 17


No. 17 (2012)  Editorial


Movies represent an important means of transmitting information, ideas and values from culture to culture (becoming means of cross-cultural communication) and a multisemiotic channel (verbal, visual, aural) through which a certain culture creates its own identity.

Movie titles act like a code for deciphering the content of the movie plot. Besides their invaluable guidance of the audience into the reception and interpretation of the movie, they represent a key of success for box-offices. Therefore, we can say they “sell” the movie.

The paper investigates some techniques in the translation of movie titles from English into Romanian. We have chosen a pragmatic perspective, as it is known that any translation is pragmatically oriented towards a recipient. Laying the stress on either the target language element or the source language one, the theory of domestication (term coined by the American translation theorist Lawrence Venuti, qtd.in Cui 2011:353) and foreignization (idem) helped us analyse our corpus of movie titles.


title, translation, culture, domestication, foreignization.

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CP201217V00S01A0005 [0003772]

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