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“Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău Romania


CP, Number 18


No. 18 (2013)  Editorial


Much of the nowadays’ debate on cultural identity revolves around issues, such as: should we refer to cultural identity in the singular or in the plural?; the construction and the representation of cultural identity; the relationship between ‘subject’, time, space and history. Fully aware of the impossibility to encompass the multiplicity and complexity of the theoretical and practical dimensions of all the relations involved in and by such a cultural phenomenon, the author will apply an aspectual perspective on the topic. Thus, having as a theoretical background studies on concepts such as (cultural) identity, representation and place-space-time, the paper is an attempt to offer a glimpse into the act of representing cultural identities:

- having as main axis the locating and positioning of identities in a semiotic web of relationships and relatedness;

- and, then, structuring the body of such a construction with the help of other spatial metaphors (chronotope, thirdspace), going through modes of representation and concluding with the texturality of literary spaces within the semiosis of the ‘discourse-as-journey’ metaphor (as postmodernist representation of cultural identities involving the dynamic, changeable, complex ‘subject’ sign).


(modes of) representation, (cultural) identities, difference, ‘thirdspace/trialectics’, signifying systems, conceptual metaphor.

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CP201318V00S01A0003 [0003898]


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