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1. Dagestan State Technical University, Department of Production Technology and Organization of Public Catering, 367015, 70 Prospekt I. Shamilya, Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russian Federation
2. Kuban State Technological University, Food Technology Institute, 350072, 2Г, 509, Moskovskaya Ulitsa, Krasnodar, Russia
3. Dagestan State Agrarian University, Department of Commodity Science, Technology of Food Products and Public Catering, 367032, 180 Ulitsa M. Gadzhieva, Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russian Federation
*Corresponding author: gadzhieva_aida@mail.ru


SCSCC6, Volume XIX, No. 1


Volume 19, No. 1 (2018)


Tomatoes grown in the central and southern parts of the country, which contain 5 - 6 % of solids, including 0.13 % of pectin, 0.86 % of fat, 0.5 % of organic acids, 0.5 % minerals, etc. are used as research material. These tomatoes, grown in the mountains, on soils with high salinity, contain high amounts of valuable components and have long term preservation. For the extraction of valuable components from dried tomato pomace, the CO2 extraction method is applied. The technological and environmental feasibility of graded tomato drying in the atmosphere of an inert gas and in a solar drier is evaluated; the scheme of dried tomatoes production is improved; a system for tomato pomace drying is developed; a scheme of tomato powder production from pulp, skin and seeds is developed. The combined method of tomato pomace drying involves the simultaneous use of electromagnetic field of low and ultra-high frequency and blowing hot nitrogen on the product surface. Conducting the drying process in the atmosphere of nitrogen intensifies the process of removing moisture from tomatoes. The expediency of using tomato powder as an enriching additive is proved. Based on the study of the chemical composition of the tomato powder made from the Dagestan varieties, and on the organoleptic evaluation and physicochemical analysis of finished products, we prove the best degree of recoverability of tomato powder in the production of reconstituted juice and tomato beverages.


СО2-extracts, drying agent, microwave drying, tomatoes, tomato pomace, tomato powder.

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CSCC6201801V01S01A0009 [0004693]


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