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Modelling And Optimization In The Machines Building Field


Change of Journal Name: Modelling and Optimization in the Machines Building Field becomes the Journal of Engineering Studies and Research

Modelling and Optimization in the Machines Building Field was born in 1995 as a technical journal, published in Romanian. In fact, the journal abbreviation, MOCM, is from the original name, Modelare si Optimizare in Constructia de Masini.
Initially, the journal had only one number per year. Since 2005, the journal appears with four issues per year, and a growing topic. In recent years, the journal’s editorial team has been enriched with numerous personalities from Romania and abroad, has defined the aims and scope. It was established a new policy on ethics in research and peer-review process was improved.
Considering the development of the journal has become increasingly clear that its name is no longer consistent with the intended purpose. In these conditions, the editorial team has proposed a name to match the magazine scope: Journal of Engineering Studies and Research (JESR).
JESR publishes the most recent theoretical and experimental studies concerning the topical and perspective problems in the conception and manufacturing fields of the technological plants and equipments, focusing but not limiting on:

  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic
  3. Technologies and Equipment from Process Industries
  4. Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection
  5. Engineering and Management
  6. Applied Engineering Sciences
  7. Materials Science and Engineering
  8. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  9. Automation, Computers and Information Technology
  10. Chemical Engineering

ISSN 1224-7480
Chief Editor Prof. dr. Valentin Nedeff, University of Bacău
Editorial Office University of Bacau Centers of Research: Physical Engineering and Environmental Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Power Engineering, Mecatronics, IT Calea Mărăşeşti, Nr. 157, 600115-Bacău-ROMANIA Phone: +40.234.580170,  Fax:  + 40.234.580170 Tel: +40 234 542 411, Fax: +40 234 545 753 E-mail: mocm@ub.ro
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