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MOCM, Number 15, Volume IV


Issue No. 15 - Volume IV (2009)


Global experience shows that in modern economy and social development only those companies that are fast and innovative in their development can sustain and successfully develop. If a company wants to exist and develop, it has to accept these characteristics of today's world. That is why comfort and complacence are necessary to be replaced by continual creative thinking on how the company can be most efficiently included into creative competition. In short, it means that it is necessary to think, plan, organize, control and perfect the work process constantly in order to fulfill market demands, as completely as possible, and thereat constantly develop new products-services. Today's companies are faced with serious challenges: the global economy expansion, deadly battle over markets, drastic contraction of life span of products, fast technological changes, structural transformations, etc. In order to respond to these challenges, companies constantly need to increase the productivity, improve the product's and service's quality, develop new products and meet the demands and desires of the consumers. Shortly, the companies need to be constantly innovative because the imperative of modern business of a company is perfecting all the components of the company's structure and business operations. Fitness of the company to place on the market quality, functional and cheaper products points out the development of the innovation processes in the company. The purpose of research in this paper is advancement of praxis of research development projects of multidisciplinary character having the task to direct innovations on the market of marketing profit, financial capital market, production researches that transform the innovation into a concrete product. The offered research can be beneficial to economists, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as to all the participants in the operational activities of development character, responsible for the innovation realization in technical and economic sense, to provide conditions for product creation, as well as the conditions in the environment so that the product could come into life.


management of changes, competitiveness, innovation, designing.

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MOCM200915V04S01A0007 [0002755]

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