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1. Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău, Calea Mărăşeşti 156, Bacău, 600115, Romania
*Corresponding author, e-mail drotar@ub.ro


PLUMEE, Number 1, Volume VI


Issue No.1 - Volume 6 (2016)


With the development of the Internet network, the applications using this global network also developed. Thus, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is developed which means the network linking together the elements of computing and the sensors forming various systems such as smart grids, smart homes, smart transportation, smart cities, etc. Experts estimate that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion objects connected. This paper presents an embodiment of a system of supervision and control of the energy consumption of a home. The main benefits of such a system are many and they include energy saving, local or remote monitoring and controlling, security and protection, obtaining statistical information to optimize the functioning of things, etc. The main issues discussed in the paper include the acquisition of information and its distance transmission via Internet, the command and distributed control in a particular area (e.g. housing), the modality of human-computer interaction and human-entity, the prevention and elimination of the errors and the increase of the operational safety. The paper presents the ways to acquire the information from the supervised environment, the nature of information and the centralization of data for transmission over the Internet. At the same time, the possibilities of the distributed control in the chosen area are analyzed. It then describes how it is possible to make the Internet connection and the data transmission. Ways for the user interaction with the system through a command language or through a graphic system are also discussed. Ensuring the safe operation of such a system is a main component that allows the desired results. The paper presents the methods and techniques used to ensure a high degree of system safety and an adequate supervision of the perimeter. The analysis of the built system that uses such a technology brings many benefits that will surely involve the extension and improvement of the methods and the techniques used.


surveillance control, monitoring, internet, data collection, data communication, human-computer interaction, safety oversight.

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PLUMEE201601V06S01A0001 [0004753]

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