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SCSB, Volume XI


Ecology, Limnology


The floods produce the damages with disastrous effects at population and the social economic objectives. The climatic changes from the last century and the human activities conducted to floods with high frequency, in the high risk areas as in the areas without this kind of phenomena. The existent measures of defence against floods (regularizations of rivers, banking protection zone of the of banks, etc.) could become inadequate in the extraordinary conditions. It is sufficient the exceed with several centimetres of the defence work quotas by the maximal calculated flow level, in order that the localities, in fields or socio – economic objectives to be flooded. The frequency of this phenomenon is increasing in Romania and in another areas of the World.

In such of situations the existence of the measure intercession with the fast technologies of defence against floods, could represent concrete solutions which head off he damages. Such of technologies are especially useful in the situation of the producing of the maximal floods with historical character and fast propagation.

The systems of fast protection (in real time) contain 2 distinct subsystems:

- The informatical forecast and warning subsystem, which the function of warning the floods that exceed the flooding level and that establish automatically the risk areas , emplacements and the dimensions of the protection devices .

- The technological subsystem of execution of the protection dimensional commanded work of the informatical forecast and warning subsystem .

This paper proposes to present theoretically and succinct few examples of fast protection of the socio – economic objectives in the imminent cases of floods .


floods, disastrous effects, forecast, maximal floods with historical character, fast technologies of defence against floods.

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SCSB200611V11S03A0004 [0002506]

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