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SCSB, Number 2, Volume XX


Volume 20, No.2 - Animal Biology


It was the beginning of 1980. The ones

who knew him, remembers the famous general

meetings with the employees from Romania,

before 1990, which were meant to be a survey

time and also a moment of setting up new

directions of action for the development of

institutions and enterprises. Those were not very

popular moments for the employees due to the

fact that they were formal, pompous, and

sometime full of reproaches for the people in

charge with the leadership of the economic

institutions and enterprises. Only the people

active in the ruling party maybe agreed these

meetings believing in their mobilizing effect over

the working “people masses”. Back then we were

working in a scientific research institution that

belonged to The Center of Biological Research

Iasi, whose laboratories and offices were placed

in The Faculty of Biology, University „Al. I.

Cuza” from Iasi. It was launched the so called

triad “education-research-production”, which

could meant something if it was supported with

the proper material and logistic issues, but in fact

it was just a slogan, as formal as the meetings we

previously spoke about. The lack of a proper

financing, the poor endowment of labs, the lack

of scientific documentations, of stages of forming

and specialization of young researchers made this

empty of any content (unfortunately now, after 20

years of freedom and democracy the things are

even worst than then).



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