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Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, Academy of Sciences, Centre for Genetic Resources, Republic of Moldova, MD-2002, ChiƟinău, 20 Pădurii Street
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SCSB, Number 1, Volume XXII


Volume 22, No. 1 - Vegetal Biology


The unified information system on plant genetic resources in Republic of Moldova – ReGen, has been developed in the Centre of Plant Genetic Resources of Moldova, in 2002. The main objective of ReGen is to integrate and monitor the available data on existing germplasme collections at the national level. This system covers a wide range of taxonomic, biological, ecological and geographical data. The structure and design of database correspond to the central objective: to facilitate handling and access to information regarding the entire process of plant genetic resources conservation. This system allows: input and checking of data; to store the information corresponding to the descriptors for ex situ, in situ, on farm conservation; availability of data for multiple analysis and use; to obtain the necessary information from database in the form of report, queries, and different graphical presentations; facilitate access to actual germplasm etc. The passport data is essential especially for documentation of accessions maintained in ex situ collections. The subsystem for in situ conservation is structured in six compartments - initial data, location and sample identity, molecular data, and gene bank localization that covers a wide range of taxonomic, biological, ecological and geographical data. Regarding on farm conservation is important to note that information consists of two parts: passport data and collecting data that is determined by following issues: identification and features of collecting place, sample identity, information about the cultivar’s donor, cultivar distribution and cultivation manner, geophysics site description, selection and storage of collecting materials, cultivar uses, gene bank localization. In genebank an efficient information system provides registration and exchange of data and allows rapid accessioning of new samples and location of samples in storage and will serve for other variety of needs.


plant genetic resources, information system, database, descriptors, conservation.

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SCSB201301V22S01A0006 [0003934]

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