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Scientific Study & Research - Mathematics Series


ÔÇ×Studii ┼či Cercet─âri ┼×tiin┼úifice. Seria Matematic─âÔÇŁ is published by the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Bac├úu, Romania. Since 1990 one issue is published each year.

Aims and scope. ÔÇ×Studii ┼či Cercet─âri ┼×tiin┼úifice. Seria Matematic─âÔÇŁ publishes original research papers and surveys from all fields of pure and applied mathematics.

Indexing and Reviews.ÔÇ×Studii ┼či Cercet─âri ┼×tiin┼úifice. Seria Matematic─âÔÇŁ is reviewed in Zentrallblatt f├╝r Mathematik and Mathematical Reviews. It is recognized by CNCSIS, Ministry of Education and Research of Romania, in category B+.

Exchange of publications. Editors of ÔÇ×Studii ┼či Cercet─âri ┼×tiin┼úifice. Seria Matematic─âÔÇŁ are willing to exchange journal with universities libraries and research institutes. Persons interested to establish such an exchange are invited to contact editors at the address in the contact section.

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