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“Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Educational Sciences, Calea Mărăşeşti 157, Bacău 600115, Romania, e-mail: ioanapandele@yahoo.com


SSRSMI, Number 1, Volume XXIII


Volume 23, Number 1


Forest fire prevention is the set of measures designed to reduce the number of forest fires, their extent and the damage they cause. This concept is closely linked to the risk of forest fires, to which are added factors such as climatic and physiographic conditions and the value of the forest. Knowledge of theories, policies and practices of forest fire prevention is very fragmented, dispersed and largely unpublished.

Intelligent Prevention would require integrating the Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Agents). Intelligent Agent Based Prevention could evaluate overcoming obstacles to prevention, establish links between agents involved in forest management and provide tools for the exchange of information between organizations.

The aim of this work is the beginning of achieving the map of potential forest fires from Bacău County, obtained after statistical analysis of fire data (data provided by the Forestry Department of Bacău) and study of the dangerousness forest environment, managing all this data into a Geographic Information System (GIS).


Forest fire, GIS, Mobile GIS, Distributed GIS, Intelligent Agents.

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SSRSMI201323V23S01A0012 [0003829]

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