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Scientific Studies and Research. Series Mathematics and Informatics

Instructions for Authors

Scientific Studies and Research Series Mathematics and Informatics (SSRSMI) is committed to publish only original articles which are not considered for publication elsewhere and have not been previously published (excepting the electronic preprints and parts of the academic theses). All the authors of an article jointly accept the responsibility for the submitted manuscript. The articles submitted for publication in SSRSMI are expected to acknowledge the work of other researchers through appropriate references. All the articles are checked for plagiarism. If the ethical standards for publication are not met, or the degree of novelty is low, or the original contribution is not a significant one, then the article will be rejected and the corresponding author(s) will be notified.

The contributed papers should be written in English or French. The title of the paper and the names of the authors are followed by a short abstract, 2 to 6 key-words and phrases and Mathematics Subject Classification numbers. References, including titles of the papers, are numbered, ordered alphabetically according to the authors name, with the abbreviations of the Mathematical Reviews for journals.

The institutional affiliation , mailing address and e-mail address of each author should appear at the end of each manuscript.

Manuscripts prepared for publication should be sent in a PDF format by e-mail, at the e-mail address mmocanu@ub.ro.

After receiving a manuscript, we will send an e-mail message to the correspoinding author.

Contributions to this journal must report original research and will be subjected to review by referees.

Authors receive only one set of proofs for correction. Upon acceptance of the paper, the authors will be asked to send the source file containing the paper, in Tex format, template.tex , as an attachement to an e-mail message.

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