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Optimum Technologies, Technologic Systems and Materials in the Machines Building Field

TSTMTSTM is an annual publication edited and printed by the Editorial Office of the Department of Academic Research from the Engineering Faculty - University of Bacau. It contains the most recent theoretical and experimental studies concerning the topical and perspective problems in the conception and manufacturing fields of the technological plants and equipments. The work is edited under the aegis of the Bacau University and Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, the Committee of Scientific reviewers and coordinating editors including an impressive teaching staff from the departments of specialty from Foreign and Romanian Universities.

ISSN 1224-7499
Chief Editor Prof. dr. Gheorghe Brabie, University of BacĂŁu
Editorial Board
  • Prof.dr. Doru Viorel Ciucescu, University of BacĂŁu
  • Prof.dr.Viorel Ungureanu, University of BacĂŁu
  • Prof.dr.Gheorghe Simionescu, University of BacĂŁu
  • Prof.dr.Carol Schnakovszky, University of BacĂŁu
  • S.l.dr. Chirita Bogdan, University of BacĂŁu
Editorial Office University of Bacau, Center of Research: Managerial and Technological Engineering; Calea MĂŁrĂŁÂșeÂști, Nr. 157, 600115 - BacĂŁu - ROMANIA Phone: +, Fax: +
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