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SSRSMI, Number 1, Volume XXVI


Volume 26, Number 1


A new generalization of local connectedness called ‘R_cl-local connectedness’ is intro-duced. Basic properties of R_cl-locally connected spaces are studied and their place in the hierarchy of variants of local connectedness which already exist in the literature is discussed. R_cl-local connectedness is preserved in the passage to r_cl-open sets and is invariant under disjoint topological sums. A necessary and sufficient condition for a product of R_cl-local connected spaces be R_cl-locally connected proved. Preservation of R_cl-local connectedness under mappings is investigated. It is shown that R_cl-local con-nectedness is preserved under quotients and an r_cl-quotient of an R_cl-locally connected space is locally connected. The category of R_cl-locally connected spaces is properly con-tained in the category of sum connected spaces (Math. Nachrichten 82(1978), 121-129; Ann. Acad. Sci. Fenn. AI Math. 3 (1977), 185-205) and constitutes a mono-coreflective subcategory of TOP.


R_cl-locally connected space, sum connected space, r_cl-open set, R_cl-space, mildly compact space, mono-coreflective subcategory.

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SSRSMI201601V26S01A0003 [0004445]

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